At a moonlight social gathering in Canterlot, a very eccentric journalist makes an appearance at the door. This odd new pegasus pony claims to be the grandson of Shetland "Chip" Holmes, a great detective from Equestria's past. Introducing himself as Chip III, he then makes idle chatter with a local named Frostbite Puck, who by pure coincidence happens to be a member of the Royal Guard. Chip convinces the guard to allow him entrance to the party alongside a young filly with whom he arrived. The youngster is overjoyed to be able to attend the event and Chip mingles. Before long, however, his instict gets the better of him. Telling Frostbite to take care of the filly, Chip sneaks into the castle and then abruptly falls into a pale blue light...

Major Events:Edit

  • Chip the 3rd and Frostbite Puck are introduced.
  • The Portal is discovered.

Minor Events:Edit

  • Chip makes a promise to Apple Bloom that he will help her build a swing for the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse.

Original Characters Introduced:Edit

  • Chip III
  • Frostbite Puck
  • Myrissa Trott