Chip returned to his home universe, admittedly confused by the events of the night. The following day, on an incidental trip to Fillydelphia with Frostbite and another pony they had met the night before, the group found a small batch of black crystals, which they agreed required further study.

A few days later (and after a couple dozen subplots) several ponies began to act strangely, aggressively. They blamed Chip, who had apparently cloned himself overnight. Both duplicates met and the fake introduced himself as Greed. Greed exhibited several abilities beyond those of regular ponies and began to harrass Princess Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon again. He failed to convince her several times and eventually ran off, encountering Twilight Sparkle shortly thereafter. He strong-armed her into wishing Fialvert to be blind (as he had earlier abandoned her cousin Mewzs to see the chaos Greed was causing earlier). Greed seemed to gain the other hand for a short while, going as far as to kill Twilight out of anger. However, Greed met his match when faced with the concept of selflessness, which caused him to fade out of existence.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Elemental Ponies were introduced proper.
  • Greed was introduced and killed off shortly afterwards.