A Headshot of Digital Sun

Digital Sun (Real name unknown)


Earth(???) Pony


Light Yellow


Yellow + Blue



Cutie mark

A blue and yellow spiral that, while stationary, seems to move more the longer you stare at it.


Chaotic Neutral

(???), known as Digital Sun, appears to not exist on the same realm as other ponies. While she is able to interact physically with other ponies, the opposite is not true of them and of physical objects, allowing her to phase through walls. Not much is known about her history, as only she, and a mild mannered shrub lurking deep within Everfree forest, knows her past, as well as her true name, and that may be the only way to stop her.

Personality & PlanEdit

Moodwise, she is hard to predict. She tries to be as neutral as possible, helping only when she sees fit, and her help may be for the good of all ponykind, or not. Recently, however, troubled thoughts have plagued her mind, and she is drawn to use her powers for her own interests. Chiefly, to take over the world.


Digital Sun lives in a castle somewhere in Everfree forest. It's defenses are impeccible, inside at least. The building is a winding maze and contains thousands of rooms with various purpouses.THE OBSERVATORY - A large observatory which contains a telescope that can see all of Everfree forest and a trapdoor that leads to the home of Raymond, the pony manifestation of Justin Bieber.THE SHRINE - At the bottom of the castle, accessible to only Digital Sun, lies a mysterious device, believed to be able to control time and space.

History (currently known)Edit

The Curse------Edit

It is known to some that Digital Sun was the victim of a curse, and that the only way to be relinquished from it is for somepony to tell her her true name, which only she, and a cursed shrub, know.

Her Age------

She is ageless from the curse.


??? (to be revealed)