Alicorn pony


Bright green


Powder blue


Snow white

Cutie mark

River-shaped field of stars



Eridanus, Crown Princess of Equestria, is a young filly living in Canterlot. She is an exceedingly bright and bubbly pony.


Eridanus is a sweet, happy filly. She doesn't like hurting anypony's feelings and is often worried for her friends. She's also very curious and loves to learn, especially about magic, and is always excited to try out her lessons. This goes along with her taste for adventure. However, she seems to have inherited something of her mother's temper, and can hold a fierce grudge. She's also shown to be afraid of spiders, thunder, heights, and more importantly, the ponies around her dying.


Eridanus is fairly skilled in the way of magic. She can levitate and conjure objects, transfigure one object into another, and infrequently teleport. Her cutie mark represents her skill and interest in astronomy and the myths associated with them.

She seems to have something of a grasp, if simplified to her young "right/wrong" morals, on politics, and can state with all certainty what she believes is right. Eri is an avid reader and knows much of the history and fairy tales of Equestria.


Eri was born not too long after the five-year timeskip to Princess Luna and Dark Core, and immediately showed herself into the Room of Artifacts and knocked the Orb of Time from its perch. This resulted in aging her body to that of roughly a five-year-old and her mind to something older. For a long time, her control of magic, Wrath, and her own temper was highly unstable, and she was prone to...well...destroying things.

She quickly made friends with Twilight Sparkle's daughter, Cassiopeia, and even developed a crush on her.