"I'm the Dread Pirate Bloodthirst!"

Pessimism (Or THE DREAD PIRATE BLOODTHIRST! Or, alternatively, Pess) is a very young Element of Dischord who just wanted to be a pirate... After his ship ran aground, he was temporarily confused, as he thought the Elements had won the recent war. When he learned the truth he decided to stick around, to help everypony to understand Dischordian culture


Pess expects the worst in every situation and has a very low self esteem. However, he only wants a good life and tries to make the other ponies happy after the confusion is cleared up. Pess is easy to fool, and tries to be a modern Casanova (with predictable results). He is also a dirty coward. Just sayin'.


  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Reading (while intoxicated)
  • Making A Really Nice Apple Crumble