Ponyark is yet another Crossover character brought to Ponyville due to the Elements' constant meddling with Multiverse Portals. In essence, he is the character Totheark from the web series Marble Hornets. Ponyark retains his original counterpart's cryptic speech and odd behaviour. He appeared to herald the arrival of Slender Pony.

Just Whose Side Is This Ponyark Fellow On Anyway?Edit

Ponyark appears every so often from around Chapter 4 onwards, providing cryptic predictions of the future. They are not always correct. When he first appeared, he was violent towards most of the cast, arguing and threatening violence on several occasions. After a short segment of fourth wall breaking with Fial, Ponyark seemed to calm somewhat, even showing off his incomprehensible YouTube page. Some time later, he burst into the Library once more and commanded everypony to follow him, telling of a demonic entity that wanted to kill them all.

Relations With OthersEdit


Ponyark and Godfrey are not on good terms, because Godfrey lost his job during an argument with him. However, Ponyark seems to want to make it up to Godfrey.


Ponyark and Desmond simply don't mix. There have been several outbursts from both over the fate of Fial's family. (Slender Pony will return every thousand years to hunt and kill Fial and his children, for reasons regarding his agenda)